Bookcase (Lemari / Rak Buku) dengan Desain Unik – 2

16. Circular Walking Bookshelf by David Garcia

17. Rope Bridge Bookshelf

18. Sinapsi by Sebastian Errazuriz

19. T.Shelf

20. Equilibrium Bookcase by Malaganafrom

21. Tectonic Bookcase

 22. Ju Hyeon Oh & Eun-Jee Kim’s Horizontal Bookcase

23. Bookshelf by SuperLimão Studio

24. Modernist Bookshelf

25. Angle shelf

26. A Moroccan Inspired Bookshelf Design

27. Dali-Esque Bookshelf

28. Wisdom Tree

29. Toboga Bookcase

30. Book Worm

2 Thoughts on “Bookcase (Lemari / Rak Buku) dengan Desain Unik – 2

  1. Itu yang paling atas bisa muter gak ya ? hahahaha

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